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Following the incident at the “Puttin on the Glitz” event on 9th July involving Dave the drummer, I am pleased to tell you that he left hospital this afternoon , still wearing cuts and bruises from his fall. Stubbornly he refused the offer of another night’s B&B at GWH. He is apparently looking forward to seeing everyone at our planned rehearsal next Monday! We obviously hope to see him too but recognise that he must be feeling OK given his attitude to the incident, so typical of the man.


We must the express our sincere thanks to the staff of MECA, those from the audience who responded to the emergency and of course to the paramedics and ambulance staff who were quickly on the scene – you were all amazing. Thank you.


And we must offer our apologies to the audience who missed out on the second set from TCOSS and to TCOSS themselves who had worked so hard preparing for the event. Sorry.


Ken Emerson

Chairman – North Swindon Big Band”

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